Business IT Services

At Redfish Digital we've got your IT needs covered.
At Redfish Digital we’ve got your IT needs covered.

Business IT Solutions to Suite Your Company

At Redfish Digital, we believe that IT Support should be friendly, efficient and affordable. That’s why we’ve carried our idea’s from years of local IT repairs over to our business IT services. Bringing a friendly personal service to a business environment.

From helping small business with their IT needs, to larger companies looking for network and IT installations, we can help with any of your business IT needs.

An efficient IT infrastructure is important to most companies today, so when a computer develops a fault it needs to be rectified quickly to minimise any disatorous effects. At RedFish Digital, we can provide a wide range of IT support services that can be adapted to not only how your business runs, but also work within budget.

Our basic service covers remote desktop support to help fix problems over the phone, while accessing the machine securely and remotely. This often leads to an extremity quick fix, minimizing costs.

On site call outs are also available, and with a fast response time we can be on site quickly, often fixing the problem there and then. Whats more, you only pay for the time we are on site, so there’s no monthly cost. You only pay for what you need.

For larger companies that need continual support, we can create a tailor made IT support contract. This can include remote desktop support, on site call-outs, and continual monitoring of your IT equipment

IT Equipment & Network Installations

As well as providing IT support for your business, we can also procure, setup and install IT equipment within your home or office. Whether it’s something as simple as setting up a wireless or network printer, adding a new desktop workstation or installing a wired network throughout the building.

We can also supply, install and setup a server for your company to utilize. This includes moving all workstations over to the server, creating access for those that work away from the office via a VPN, and continul support to avoid any costly repairs. What’s more, this can all be done out of hours to help minimize any down time. And again, we can do it all to your budget.

We work closely with you to help create an efficient IT setup, that’s both tailored to fit your company and cost effective. Here are some more key area where we can help.

  • IT Equipment
  • Setup and Installation
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • On Site Fix and Repair
  • User Support
  • Software Support
  • Network Installation
  • IT Support Contracts
  • Server Installation

We’ve already helped several large companies setup a successful IT infrastructure, with continual support tailored to fit how their company runs.

So contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business.